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The YMCA of the Netherlands

The overall goal of the  Dutch YMCA movement is to help youth build a better future for themselves and the communities around them.

Therefore, diverse activities are proposed to develop the “body, mind and spirit” aiming at a harmonized development of the individual, committed to improve his/her surroundings and society

The activities aim at youth empowerment through long-term programs, volunteering, trainings, skill development, awareness, mobility programs, exchange projects, active youth participation and policy development, all designed to fit the local context and needs.

As a widespread movement the YMCA also focuses on European (and global) issues and regional, international cooperation to work with these and help to improve the lives of individuals and communities, especially in situations of poverty and/or exclusion.
YMCA Netherlands is one of the members of European Alliance of YMCAs (YMCA Europe) and wishes to strengthen its participation and role in international cooperation,  in creating possibilities of participation for young volunteers, who use their free time to help YMCA realize its mission and acquire personal growth. We see this as an enriching and complementary experience to our regular activities (youth camps, projects and programs mostly at national level) as well as a chance to stress the importance of such principles as youth-for-youth and youth participation in decision making.

This will help the YMCA movement to better adapt its work to current youth needs and empower youth to take action and get involved.

YMCA Netherlands has a  long and stable work experience and is supported by an experienced staff and a committee for  international contacts (CIC).

The Dutch YMCA runs programs on the national level as well as on local level  in about 250  local communitiesHolidays and camps
* 180 Summer Camps; Aquatic sport Camps and (international) Travels
* Approx. 600 Volunteers involved as Staff trained bij YMCA of the netherlands
* Approx. 2000 participants every year

Special Activities
* Y-camps for children whom need special care
* Holidays for refugees and asylum seekers
* Holidays for Single-parents and their children
* "Brusjes" Camp (for brothers and sisters of seriously ill children)
* Tandem biking for visually handicapped young people
* Summer holiday weeks for elderly people at the Ernst Sillem Hoeve
* Christmas week at Ernst Sillem Hoeve for all ages      

Aquatic Sports Centre Nautilus
* Summar camps for Young people
* School Camps and school sports events
* Sportive day events for compagnies
* Winter sport trips to Austria for groups and compagnies
* Winter sport camps for Young people
* Winter sport trips for families
* Many more....  

YMCA Youth Work and Advice
*  YMCA of The Netherlands was founded on 23 October1853 and was one of the founding members of the World Alliance in 1855
* Youth work in approx. 280 Municipalities in The Netherlands
* Approx. 3500 volunteers active on local level
* Approx. 20000 members of local clubs
* Reaches approx. 40000 participants per year
* Only a few professional staff; many voluntary staff 

* Support and Advice to all organisations working with youth with discounts for YMCA members
* Courses, activities, ready made programs
* Support from Youth advisors from a single phone taking over some of your workload
* Support to church volunteers    

YMCA Works
In recent years The YMCA Works Training Department has developed the highly acclaimed "Outdoors as a Tool for Personal and Social Development" programme.
We have delivered the programma for:
* Multi National Branches
* School Staff Over 100 new trainers in "Train the Trainer" programmes alle over Europe
* Colleges
* movers and shakers in organisations

Our unique approach is tailor-made for each client, flexible in its timing and effective in its results.
This Outdoor Tool has a proven track record in developing:
* Teamwork
* Identifying individual skills
* Identifying what kind of team skills have te be improved or are missing
* Building trust

Coming soon: Building huge tree houses in partnership with team training course (in English) for youth leaders and outdoor staff worldwide.

Anti Bullying Programme Training for students, teachers and support staff.